Akimatsuri - Mochi Pounding

  The Japan Club of Guam hosted the 36th annual Akimatsuri at the Ypao Beach Park on November 28. Although the festival was postponed for one week due to tropical storm In-Fa, the visitors were able to enjoy the celebration of Japanese culture with traditional dance performances and aikido demonstration on the main stage. In the open space, there were many game booths such as goldfish scoop, slipper toss and different food booths offered traditional food like yakitori, nigiri-zushi, and various beverages. The Mikoshi or portable shrine was carried around the grounds by numerous individuals, while many people joined in on the festive Bon-Odori (Bon Festival Dance).
  At the Consulate-General of Japan booth, visitors had a taste of mochi. Still warm, the freshly cooked sticky gelatin was cut into bite-size pieces and rolled in starch and garnished with homemade sweet red-bean paste and with soy-bean flour. People kept coming back for more Mochi and lining up by the hundreds at each serving. The actual mochi-tsuki or pounding of the glutinous rice using the wooden Usu or mortar and Kine or mallet was not possible this year due to public health issues. But the visitors were given the opportunity to simulate mochi-tsuki using the wooden mortar and mallet in slow motion.


Akimatsuri (Speech by Consul General) at 1600- on November 28th

Mikoshi (Guam Kosaikai)

Chamorro dance show

Superball scooping

Slipper toss

Show of cutting up a whole tuna

Imitated mochi pounding demonstration at CGJ booth

Mochi making at CGJ booth

In front of CGJ booth