Akimatsuri-Mochi Pounding 2017

 The Japan Club of Guam hosted the 38th annual Akimatsuri at the Ypao Beach Park on November 18. Blessed with good weather, the visitors enjoyed traditional Japanese performances such as the Taisho Goto (Japanese Harp) and the Nankin Tamasudare (Bambo Curtain) on the main stage for everyone to enjoy. The main park area was adorned with many Japanese toy and game booths such as the ring-toss and Gold Fish scoops. There were also a variety of food booths serving delicious Japanese festival favorites and even a booth demonstrating the art of filleting a Giant Tuna.
 At the Consulate-General of Japan booth, the visitors took turns participating in the mochi-tsuki or pounding of the glutinous rice using the wooden Usu or mortar and Kine or mallet. Afterwards, people lined up for a taste of freshly cooked mochi with sugar/soy and with soy-bean flour, while at the same time experiencing traditional Japanese culture.

[Photos]Introduction of Japanese culture (Mochi pounding)