19th Arts & Crafts Fair 2017

  The 19th Arts & Crafts Fair sponsored by Japan Club of Guam was held at the Hotel Nikko Guam on March 12, 2017.
We had some volunteers from Japan such a “Taisho-goto” player and 3 Shogi players including one female. Aikido, Japanese dance and calligraphy were also demonstrated.  Origami-art, beads, hand made accessories, and patchwork were displayed.
  The Consulate-General of Japan demonstrated traditional sa-do by Japanese women living on Guam. Many visitors experienced Japanese sweets and “Maccha” tea. The visitors enjoyed the demonstration and that we could provide the ”Miyabi” time and atmosphere which is this year’s theme.

Sa-do demonstration

The master prepares the tea

The master makes the tea

The guest drinks the tea

Lt. Gov. Tenorio and Consul-General drink the tea

The guests drink the tea

The guests enjoy the tea

Tea masters, Lt. Gov. Tenorio and Consul-General

(REFERENCE) The look of Art and Craft Fair

Consul-General's greeting

Lt. Gov. Tenorio's greeting