"Washoku" Lecture Demonstration

  The Consulate-General of Japan with the cooperation of “Washoku” (Japanese Cuisine) chef Mr. Ikeda and Mr. Nagata F&B manager from a major hotel in Guam held a sushi class for the culinary arts students studying at the Guam Community College on September 28. 
  The chef taught the students not only the art of making sushi but also the mental preparation, the history and the progressive change of sushi.
  In addition, the chef introduced features of the Japanese sushi knife and demonstrated its proper maintenance.
Students listened intently and with much enthusiasm to the chef. The representative of students picked up their favorite ingredients and made their own sushi rolls under Chef Ikeda’s guidance.
  According to the students, this was their first experience receiving proper instructions in the Art of Japanese Cuisine. It was certainly very remarkable as they were able to have a better understanding on providing the right pressure in making the sushi roll.


dedicated lecture

intense demonstration

detailed instructions


enjoyable practice

outstanding results

explanation of Japanese knife features

maintenance of Japanese knife