Bilateral Relations

  Guam has been one of the most popular destinations for Japanese tourists.
  In addition to shopping, diving and parasailing, a large number of the Japanese visit Guam on school excursions, sports training and study tours. Guam also receives many visitors from South Korea, US/Hawaii, Taiwan and the Philippines. 
  The relation between Japan and Guam remains important not only because tourism is Guam's major industry but because visitors from Japan represent half of the total visitor arrivals. 
  The University of Guam and the Guam Community College, along with a vast number of the public and private high schools, include the Japanese Language as part of their curriculum.  Recently, some of the middle schools have made Japanese Language classes available to their students thus providing students from all levels the opportunity to study Japanese. High interests in Japan by the people of Guam is quite clear as high school students compete in quiz and song contests in the Japanese Language each year.

  In promoting cultural exchange with the local community on Guam, the Japan Club of Guam hosts the Autumn Festival or Aki Matsuri every year, attracting a great number of people to the traditional Bon Odori (Bon festival dance), the Mikoshi (carrying of a portable shrine), bazaars, game contests and more.

  The Consulate-General of Japan in Hagåtña supports such a great opportunity to further deepen the friendships with the local community.