"Guam Nikkei Appreciation Night II"

The Japanese American Association of Guam held their second fundraiser, “Guam Nikkei Appreciation Night II” at the Guam Community College Multi-purpose Auditorium on October 10th.
Some members of the Association were exhibiting Hina-ningyo, Musha-armor, trace their ancestry and heritage back to Japan.

The event also featured Japanese cuisine such as Sushi, Karaage, Yakitori and Ramen prepared by the GCC culinary class students. Approximataly 200 people attended the event and enjoyed Japanese taste.
The Consulate-General of Japan set up the booth with Japanese autumn harvest moon as the theme, demonstrated Mochi-tsuki and origami, and distributed brochures of Japan to the guests.



The event site


Hina-ningyo and Musya-armor


Exhibition of family history


Mochi-tsuki (booth of Consulate-General)


Mochi-tsuki (booth of Consulate-General)