Education and Public Relations

Education and Public Relations Activities of the Consulate-General of Japan Culture Information Affairs Section

‚PDIntroduction of the Japanese Culture at the Culture Information Room or at the local schools.

Education presentation at Oceanview Middle School


Please invite us to your school for such eventsI

We can make the following presentations for you. Please make your request on setting your schedule, so that we can properly prepare for the event.

› Origami or the Art of paper folding

› Videos and slide shows introducing Japan

@@EWe also have DVDs of popular places in Japan

› The Art of dressing in a cotton kimono

› Introduction of traditional Japanese toys

› The Art of Japanese Calligraphy

¦In order to confirm the availability of the instructors for the following events, please make requests at least two to three months in advance.

› Ikebana or the Art of Flower Arrangement

› Chado or the Way of the Tea Ceremony

› Japanese Martial Arts

› Traditional Japanese Dance

› Traditional Culture of Okinawa Prefecture

› Traditional Japanese Musical Instrument