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The Consulate-General of Japan announced today that the Japanese government is offering theResearch Students scholarship to qualified applicants in Guam who wish to study at Japanese universities under the Japanese Government Monbukagakusho [Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT)] Scholarship Program for 2013.


To apply, applicants must:



All applications submitted to our office by the deadline date stated below will be screened.Those candidates who pass the initial screening will be invited to the interview at the Consulate-General of Japan in Hagåtňa. Applicants will also take an English or Japanese proficiency test.With the exception of those applying for study of the Japanese Language or Japanese Studies, proficiency in the Japanese Language is not required.


The Consulate-General of Japan in Hagåtňa must receive completed applications at the above address no later than Monday June18, 2012 in order to be considered.

you can download application forms from: http://www.studyjapan.go.jp/en/toj/toj0307e.html#1



For more information or to receive an application form, please call 646-1290 or email at jpncon@ag.mofa.go.jp. Also, you can get them in this website: http://www.studyjapan.go.jp/en/


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Consulate-General of Japan

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